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Lois's blog | Lists by Lois

Lois's blog

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How to have the perfect wedding!!!

So its finally happened!  When you first discovered, "It's a girl!"  you thought about the future she would have, and no matter what you say, at some point, you thought about her wedding day.  Now, you have news of the engagement and the many lists and cogs of your mind start to form...

the rings? what will they look like and who will carry them down the aisle?

Who else  will be in the wedding party?

What colours?

Where will the ceremony and reception be?  

Who will preside over the wedding?

Which music will be played for the various parts of the ceremony?  You can't play "Here comes the Bride" for the whole thing?

Who will play the music during the ceremony? Are they any good?  Any special music?

What dates will they choose?  How will that work for the key guests?

O yes, the list of guests to invite... can elderly guests come to the wedding?

the wedding shower...games and a funny bow hat- and food and who to invite?

Putting words out there...to find your way back again

It is a bit odd typing words into the computer that you are not sure will ever be read.  Unlike an author, whose works are proof-read, and debated by a variety of publishers, and then, hopefully, sold around the world, anyone can jot down a few words and send it out in the world-wide web, into the "blogosphere" as it were!

The web is like a brain in many ways- full of useful information, if you can find it, and a lot of chaff and electrical shorts as well.  How you work with these things on a daily basis gives you the wheels to make each day turn into the next.  Whether you chose to allow yourself to be lost in the chaff of the web or life, is up to you.  There are side-bars to life and the internet.  

The goal is not to be lost in a side bar, to continue to make progress towards that unseen, sometimes unspoken end game: a completed internet search with required info in hand or mind, a product reviewed, a research project turned into a thesis, a new business established, a vehicle purchased, a family moving on in its life, a family tree that reaches back to the 15th century or a life to look back on and smile.  Just don't lose your connection to life in the web...

No list is ever complete...

"No list is ever complete"...This is a comment I recently heard.  There is truth to this statement, but without some kind of list we are left trying to remember, which is often an unsuccessful fight.  With so many ideas and things running through our thoughts and minds between work, home, family and volunteering, it is invaluable to have a quick note to refer to help keep us on track.   There is no shame in writing something down.

I keep pen and paper next to my bedside so that if I think of something in the night that is keeping me from sleeping well I can just reach over and make a quick note to follow up with in the morning.  I would never want to keep my computer in my bedroom, as it is a distraction from sleeping and even the noise, quiet as it is, is not restful.

I feel another decade is slipping away and finding options to be kinder to myself seem to be a great idea.  The things I stress over, others barely notice- so I need to give myself permission to relax and try to focus on what is truly important - the relationships around me and the overall potential long-term impact I leave on the planet.  I wish you well if you chose to pursue a similar option.

Never -ending paperwork...and stuff

"Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not." Thomas Huxley

Excellent words of advise, as I try to prepare for the wonderful long weekend ahead, a number of 'deferred' items keep using up space in my mind and my heart.  If only...  why didn't I...  I should have...

Someone much wiser than I once said, 'you need to quit SHOULDING all over yourself.'  The only problem with that is one must STEP UP as required so there is no reason to should on yourself...

Lists can help.  But they can also make you feel like you are overwhelmed and drowning...  

Here is a distraction... in this series, what comes next? OTTFFSSE_ _

This is my life... 

what was I saying? 

Ah yes, overwhelmed by things to do and lists... break your list down into areas or categories, and pick one item that deserve an A on each list- a must do.  Then determine which is the TOP A and then do it! Now- no excuses, until its done.

Let me know how that works for you... then start on the next A.  This IS what the experts say...

Wild Fire consumes town of Slave Lake, AB Canada

 We hope and pray for the best for those directly impacted.  The Red Cross is stepping up to help match people missing to those looking for them in the midst of this event.  What an amazing group!  This small town had to be entirely evacuated due to raging forest fire with 80-100 km winds racing the fire fighters and people trying to get out with smoke-filled highways blocking their escape.

This terrible event may seem like it is far away from you, but what this emergency should do for the rest of us is bring to mind the need to be ready.  

If we have things in order, and most precious things that cannot be replaced or hard to replace items either in a safe deposit box or gathered in an easy to locate spot, when a calamity strikes, you will have a bit of comfort.

What WOULD you wish to save if everything was about to be lost? If you needed to be away from your home and in a strange location for an undetermined amount of time?

What is Lists by Lois about?

This is a website that seeks to bring together all the knowledge that we have from our experiences and share it with those who are having that experience for the first time, or the hundredth time.  Whether we're getting ready to do gardening, go snowmobiling or going to watch the Mets play, there are things you need to bring with you, and steps you need to take.  The information in our head becomes a list that we check through to successfully get through everyday.  This is a spot to share and store those lists, as well as get information from the list writer and personalize the list for our own use.  Grocery shopping? With your internet ready phone you can creat a permanent list and pull what you need out for that week.  Taking someone little fishing for the first time?  We hope to have a list for that.  So, the website is mine but the content belongs to everyone. I want to make this be a great spot for you.

Another improvement!

So while I was having dinner with a friend last night she expressed confusion about my website.  What is List by Lois for?  I  explained it was for her! She looked puzzled.

They are looking at building, and this weekend they are heading out to a "home show" of sorts and she had just been explaining to me all the questions they would have for potential contractors they would be able to work with.  I told her that the Website would be a great place to write out her questions and it would then be there for anyone else working on a similar process.  And I saw a light bulb go on.

She said "My son is in another country right now. They had planned to be away for a year. I could get him to sign on and put the up a list of the steps he took to prepare for the trip and get his paperwork in order for the trip."  Right! That's the idea!

We all walk around with a plan either on paper or in our heads.  That's a List waiting to be born!  Share your knowledge, experience and even struggles to get things done - right here.

Whether it's deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life, laying out your garden, rebuilding a truck or canoeing the Nahanni River, I'd be so glad to have you share that with the rest of us.

O and the New Improvement?  An Editor you can access for the Body of what you enter.  You can pick your lettering and colours and other things, as well as spell check, so give your list a drive and check it out.  It's great to have technical people who can adjust this as we go!

Private Messaging

Eventually we hope to add private messaging so if you have questions of a list creator, you can message them outside of a general forum. This feature is not active on the site yet, but will be shortly. thank-you for your patience!


Somehow winter has slipped past and it is now April! Yes- there is still snow on the ground this year, but we cannot stop the calendar's mad march towards another year. Each flies by faster than the one before! I see buds on the trees and realize it would be good to start preparing my mind for gardening, even if i can't really start digging in the ground yet!

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