How did I get the idea for a website for lists?

Well, let's see. My earliest memory of a list was not my own. I would get home from school as a young girl and there would be a list from my mom. She was one of those first working outside the home moms, even though it was only next door! She relied on me to take care of the things on that list for her, which often included step by step instructions on getting supper started for our family. And so I learned to cook... Travelling to Europe with my parents when I was 10 for 6 weeks I had the pleasure of packing my own suitcase, which I was expected to carry. How I agonized over that list! ( I still pack too much!! but I hope to find a good list for simplifying that!) In Girl Guides, we learned to be prepared so I like to be ready for most circumstances, so a list helps me feel a bit more prepared for anything that gets thrown at me. When I started to drive, I got a list of things to get while I was in town, everything from groceries to parts. As life got busier, as I worked on school work and other things, lists just kept showing up and growing. When I had my own kids I started creating a series of lists for them for the various things we would do, and I thought, hey, this might be useful as a book for everyone who goes through the same thing. Now, getting close to almost 25 years from that first twinkling thought, here I am trying to make a website to share. And it will only become as good as the members make it- as I know I will not think of everything! So thanks for stopping by and checking out this website.

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