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The objective of this website is to allow members to add their own editable lists to the site, as well as comment on the lists of other. The goal is to have positive interaction with others who come to the site looking for a list. They may use the existing members' lists, make suggestions for additions to the members' lists, or make a new list of their own or even comment on an existing list. Lists are not all-inclusive, nor does anyone assume responsibility for the results or outcomes based on the use of any list on this site, or any linked sites. Common sense must prevail.

Existing lists are found under te Recent posts bullet.

First Example: Bob becomes a member of the website. He posts a list on coin collecting on the site which can be printed at any time. Sam sees the list and has questions about where Bob was able to buy some of the things on his list. Sam must become a member of the site and then he can communicate with Bob via the forum. This creates a respectful online conversation between the two members. Second example: Ava, an existing site member, has also been collecting coins for quite sometime and has a few items she suggests, via the forum, that Bob add to his list. As this is his list, he has the option to add those items or not. Ava is free to make her own list, including those additional items. All lists will be reviewed for content and any abuse of any sort will not be tolerated. This is a family-oriented website and inappropriate adult content will be removed. YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT I will never sell or release your email address to anyone.

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