Another improvement!

So while I was having dinner with a friend last night she expressed confusion about my website.  What is List by Lois for?  I  explained it was for her! She looked puzzled.

They are looking at building, and this weekend they are heading out to a "home show" of sorts and she had just been explaining to me all the questions they would have for potential contractors they would be able to work with.  I told her that the Website would be a great place to write out her questions and it would then be there for anyone else working on a similar process.  And I saw a light bulb go on.

She said "My son is in another country right now. They had planned to be away for a year. I could get him to sign on and put the up a list of the steps he took to prepare for the trip and get his paperwork in order for the trip."  Right! That's the idea!

We all walk around with a plan either on paper or in our heads.  That's a List waiting to be born!  Share your knowledge, experience and even struggles to get things done - right here.

Whether it's deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life, laying out your garden, rebuilding a truck or canoeing the Nahanni River, I'd be so glad to have you share that with the rest of us.

O and the New Improvement?  An Editor you can access for the Body of what you enter.  You can pick your lettering and colours and other things, as well as spell check, so give your list a drive and check it out.  It's great to have technical people who can adjust this as we go!

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