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Supper ideas for main course | Lists by Lois

Supper ideas for main course

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Try to make things from scratch by starting the night before, so there is less salt and other chemicals in your food.

A basic white sauce starts with an equal amount of butter and flour slowly mixed together over medium low heat in a suacepan.  Slowly add up to 1 cup of milk per tablespoon of flour, stirring contantly until all the milk has been added and continue stirring for another 5 minutes as the sauce thickens.  You can add grated cheese and other spices at this point.  This gives you a start for scalloped potatoes, mac & cheese. alfredo sauce, thickening for a cream soup... anything you want creamier.  Wash and prep carrots and celery when you buy them so you're ready to go. This is a great place to start...

chicken and dumplings potatoes and carrots

Chicken or beef tacos with mexi fries

sloppy joes

pulled pork sandwiches

browned pork chops in rice and mushroom baked in the oven 

roast beef

chili and buns

lasagna and garlic toast with caesar salad

stew and biscuits

chinese stirfry

pork cutlets

homemade mac & cheese

chicken caesar salad

nachos with ground meat sauce and cheese, lettuce and tomatoes

loaded baked potato

fish and chips

baked ham ans scalloped potatos

oven baked chicken peices and oven  baked potato chunks


Chicken pot pie

Spaghetti and Meatsauce

Beef and Broccoli


Beef dip

Pork Roast

Sweet and sour pork/chicken with rice


cabbage rolls and sausage

fettucine alfredo

chunky beef soup ( used after having roast beef to finish up small peices left over)

seafood luigini

BBQ beef on a bun

chicken parmesan

perogies and sausage

hot dogs


pork and saurkraut

Tortellini in red or white sauce and salad


Spinach salad with egg

noodle casserole

Pita pocket with left over chopped meats and salad

homemade subs and soup

mini pizza on a bun

turkey stirfry

potato pancakes and eggs

ribs and rice

porcupine balls- rice and ground beef meat balls

fried chicken and potato salad

one pan ground beef stir fry


meatloaf - find a recipe your family likes- can be done quicker in cupcake tins with Yorkshire pudding!

Salmon cakes

halibut steak

chicken breasts and rice

chicken fingers

meatball & dumpling soup

Chicken fried rice - big chunks of chicken and vegetable


Hamburger stew

Meatballs and sauce with pasta

turkey or chicken a la king

curried shrimp on rice

liver, bacon onions and mashed potatoes

denver omelete

there are many more... send me your favourites to add to this list. 



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