What is Lists by Lois about?

This is a website that seeks to bring together all the knowledge that we have from our experiences and share it with those who are having that experience for the first time, or the hundredth time.  Whether we're getting ready to do gardening, go snowmobiling or going to watch the Mets play, there are things you need to bring with you, and steps you need to take.  The information in our head becomes a list that we check through to successfully get through everyday.  This is a spot to share and store those lists, as well as get information from the list writer and personalize the list for our own use.  Grocery shopping? With your internet ready phone you can creat a permanent list and pull what you need out for that week.  Taking someone little fishing for the first time?  We hope to have a list for that.  So, the website is mine but the content belongs to everyone. I want to make this be a great spot for you.

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