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I am honoured... | Lists by Lois

I am honoured...

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Apparently I have a site worthy of SPAM!!!  I arrived to the site this morning to find several comments and blogs of gobbledygook junk words and links, obviously posted by someone much wiser of key words and searches than I.  

I'd like to think they were just trying to help me out, but I fear that they were just dragging anyone away to another site.  Another lesson of the internet- it is a WEB that is VERY connected. 

Ah yes- it is also the day after the election!  And electronic media has had its effect. #tweettheresults.ca became the highest tweet in the world yesterday, with the first illegal tweet apparently coming from Australia.  The reason I mention this is that it was highly organized people who had a plan that worked with every single candidate, as well as media specialists who had goals in mind.  They would have used lists!  And those online may have ultimately brought about change to Elections Canada that allows the media to report results as they arise.  Currently, they do not allow any broadcasting until the polls close in your area.  Like how the rest of the country is voting would really cause me to change my vote.  Perhaps it would encourage more people to vote if their preferred party was behind.  I'm not sure.  

As for popular vote vs winning per constituency, this should send everyone to re-visit how Canada votes.  Canada's is not a system of % of total votes for representative numbers, otherwise the Bloque and Green would have more people in parliament, rather you win per area for a single member to represent you in parliament.  We are to be looking at the party and the platform and vote for the candidate of our choice. Who the leader is, may be subject to change.  We are not meant to be like the USA where when they vote, they vote with the leader in mind.  I think the approach in Canada may be changing- just look at Smiling Jack.   If our system of elections doesn't work anymore, we will have to elect a group who would be interested in changing it.  Although, I can't see Canadians every getting behind any one party by 51% so it could become generations before we have a majority party, if this system changes.  And it can be very hard to govern and get anything done if every step and action is debated

Anyway, Spring and the Election have brought change of a sort.  The weeds in the gaarden look oddly familiar, but I do know how to deal with them.  I'm just not sure I WANT to yet.  That's a blog for another day...  Gotta Wanna.  Take care.

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