Wild Fire consumes town of Slave Lake, AB Canada

 We hope and pray for the best for those directly impacted.  The Red Cross is stepping up to help match people missing to those looking for them in the midst of this event.  What an amazing group!  This small town had to be entirely evacuated due to raging forest fire with 80-100 km winds racing the fire fighters and people trying to get out with smoke-filled highways blocking their escape.

This terrible event may seem like it is far away from you, but what this emergency should do for the rest of us is bring to mind the need to be ready.  

If we have things in order, and most precious things that cannot be replaced or hard to replace items either in a safe deposit box or gathered in an easy to locate spot, when a calamity strikes, you will have a bit of comfort.

What WOULD you wish to save if everything was about to be lost? If you needed to be away from your home and in a strange location for an undetermined amount of time?

This website link is a great spot with a list of items for emergency preparedness.  This site has helped people be ready for truly almost anything.  It is directed at women, but really, anyone who wants to be ready could benefit from the information on these pages.  Here is the Canadian Government site for preparedness as well.  Many communities have their own set of plans for emergencies, so check out your city or town websites too.

I hope and pray none of us will ever need this information, but better safe than sorry, and I really feel great when I am prepared!  To those who are suffering right now, my heart goes out to them and I hope things work out as well as they can.  To the rest of us, the time to get ready is now, not when the knock comes to your door!

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