No list is ever complete...

"No list is ever complete"...This is a comment I recently heard.  There is truth to this statement, but without some kind of list we are left trying to remember, which is often an unsuccessful fight.  With so many ideas and things running through our thoughts and minds between work, home, family and volunteering, it is invaluable to have a quick note to refer to help keep us on track.   There is no shame in writing something down.

I keep pen and paper next to my bedside so that if I think of something in the night that is keeping me from sleeping well I can just reach over and make a quick note to follow up with in the morning.  I would never want to keep my computer in my bedroom, as it is a distraction from sleeping and even the noise, quiet as it is, is not restful.

I feel another decade is slipping away and finding options to be kinder to myself seem to be a great idea.  The things I stress over, others barely notice- so I need to give myself permission to relax and try to focus on what is truly important - the relationships around me and the overall potential long-term impact I leave on the planet.  I wish you well if you chose to pursue a similar option.

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