Putting words out there...to find your way back again

It is a bit odd typing words into the computer that you are not sure will ever be read.  Unlike an author, whose works are proof-read, and debated by a variety of publishers, and then, hopefully, sold around the world, anyone can jot down a few words and send it out in the world-wide web, into the "blogosphere" as it were!

The web is like a brain in many ways- full of useful information, if you can find it, and a lot of chaff and electrical shorts as well.  How you work with these things on a daily basis gives you the wheels to make each day turn into the next.  Whether you chose to allow yourself to be lost in the chaff of the web or life, is up to you.  There are side-bars to life and the internet.  

The goal is not to be lost in a side bar, to continue to make progress towards that unseen, sometimes unspoken end game: a completed internet search with required info in hand or mind, a product reviewed, a research project turned into a thesis, a new business established, a vehicle purchased, a family moving on in its life, a family tree that reaches back to the 15th century or a life to look back on and smile.  Just don't lose your connection to life in the web...

When you find yourself lost in the web itself or in a sidebar, retrace your steps, find your point of departure.  Close off that spot, then return to your list for the day- which will hopefully point you towards the things that you want to accomplish and guide you back to your own personal end game - reminding you of your connections, get you back involved with the world, and out of the tangle that is the web.

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