Being prepared in a storm...

Do you have a safe spot in your home for a storm situation? I recently realized I had everything but it was scattered all over the house. We live in an area that is fairly blessed with seasonal average weather, but from time to time we experience severe winter storms and in summer, threatening thunderstorms that bring tornado warnings... We had such a warning just last week. As my Neighbour and I were heading into the Big City my husband phoned and said, get into the basement together, there's a tornado headed for Little Town!

So we reluctantly turned around and headed into our basement. It's nicely finished and comfy with a family room, and we had a few years ago decided that for nice steady temperature, peace and quiet, and more space, we'd move the master suite downstairs as well. Going to the basement was no hardship...

But then I started to think... Ok meds are in the ensuite. Check. Bottled water in the garage, ran and got that. Flashlights and candles and (old style, straight to the wall, no electricity required) phone were all up in the upstairs back closet, so I ran and grabbed that. Also, the back up electricity and surge protector device was upstairs in the office so I grabbed that and cords for the cell phones as well... And my new laptop! And the radio that required batteries was in the back closet too, and batteries stored elsewhere...

Needless to say, in this potential emergency situation my Neighbour watched me run around collecting things and bringing them into my basement ensuite... Including pillows and sleeping bags and feather quilt... I knew the passports were handy...

In the end, we had two solid batches of hail but nothing more serious happened...

Thank God, but my neighbour's last comment was, "you might want something more cushy to sit on in there for the long haul, if it was a real problem," so next time, I'm adding an air mattress, and I'm leaving everything in a cupboard or tote in the basement! Creating a list and posting links for emergency preparedness now!

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