Emergency Preparedness Summer storm

Candles with safe stands Hurricane cover
Water-proof and or wooden safety matches
Flashlight, with extra batteries and/or wind up flashlight
Water for several days
Wind up or battery operated radio
Phone that doesn't require electricity in your home to operate
Back up battery if you have things that must remain plugged in
Canned food that can be eaten cold and can opener
Blanket or sleeping bags, pillows
Backpack in case you need to move quickly with change of clothes and medications for several days
Address book so you can contact people(list of emergency contacts inside up to date for all family members)
Air mattress for protection and comfort, foot pump to inflate it, plus it will give you something to do while you wait for things to calm down...
Kids favorite toy and a few books
Paper and pencil with sharpener in case you need to write( pen could dry out)

Car and wall charger for your cell phone for when its done...
Hopefully important papers are in a safe deposit box and back up photos are on discs there as well.

Have a few places where you can gather if you are separated, and, depending on the level of emergency, make sure they're not all in one location . For instance, if I'm not available at home because there's been a problem, try the neighbours, then the hospital, then ... You get the idea.

Remember to rotate and update your contents. The new 10 year batteries are great for this!

Check out this website for more details, and happy planning for something I hope never happens for your family! Do it as a family so everyone knows the plan.


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