So my daughter said this on Facebook, and I replied.

I liked what she said, but I wanted her to know that we didn't need to take on Herculian tasks to get the job done.

She said: "If you have not been watching Cosmos, you should. Tonight's episode made me feel even more powerfully, that we must stop sitting around saying how much we want change, but to be catalysts for change.

No more of this segregation, we are one planet, one human species, and we have to work together. No more denying, no more fighting over trivial things, no more ignoring and waiting for someone else to save the day, no more concerning ourself with "first world problems", time to start focusing on making this one and only world we have, into something better, healthier, cleaner.
I don't yet know how, but somehow, someway, I am going to be a part of this change.

Then I said:"everyday actions, choices we make, things we give our time attention and $ to support this... look for the good but be very aware of the horrors occurring around the world without letting them change how you chose to do your good in the world... individuals create the actions that create the ground-swell of change. Be sure you KNOW not just regurgitate what someone said. That's why your own actions have the greatest impact- they are real and genuine and your responsibility... There is so little control over the thoughts, actions, beliefs of the other. Even the laws don't seem to help in some countries and situations." and it seemed like an exchange worth perserving, so I'm sharing it here...

Each day we have a thougsand tiny decisions we make. If we keep the focus of those decisions outward and positive we can effect change. If we keep the focus inward on self, and individual needs, there is no change in the world-Except when we create our best self and offer that to the world...


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