Christmas Party 1996

  1. chili con carne & buns
  2. potato pancakes
  3. white Christmas Cake
  4. dark Christmas cake
  5. meat tray
  6. chees tray
  7. crackers
  8. veggie tray 
  9. small cabbage rolls
  10. sugar cookies
  11. chocolate cookies
  12. Rocky Road Squares
  13. brownies
  14. butter tarts
  15. filled oatmeal cookies
  16. whipped shortbread
  17. popcorn ball tree
  18. braided Christmas bread
  19. swedish meatballs
  20. hot wings  
  21. Punch!
  22. Start preparing something different every free night, starting in Ocotber- do not leave everything to the end!Invite neighbours, friends and co-workers on Dec 6 - St Nicholas Day to get the Christmas Spirit rolling and not jam everything and every bit of good cheer into one day! Went out 2 days before to select the best natural tree we could find- frozen into a solid clump. Brought it home and placed it into the tree stand with lots of water and after a warm hot chocolate, went to bed, dreaming of the perfect tree that would await us in the morning. It was amazing how well T could always find the best out the lot, which her sisters quickly agreed to.  We had some awesome trees. Finish decorating the house and wait for guests to arrive. Tallest to arrive used to add light to the tree.


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