Car Travel

When you jump in the vehicle to quickly head out it's nice to have a handy list or even a container of these kinds of things. Add to suit your season and activities

  1. Gravol
  2. deck of cards
  3. hats
  4. jackets
  5. disposable wipes
  6. garbage bag
  7. drinks or water bottles refilled in the fridge and ready to go
  8. pillows
  9. binoculars
  10. plants and animal book for where your traveling (I know- you can look it up on the internet but books still have their place)
  11. sunglasses
  12. water bottle holder
  13. sun screen
  14. bug repellant
  15. blanket
  16. map
  17. water proof matches
  18. candle in a coffee can
  19. granola bars
  20. band aids

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