Beach or Pool

  1. bathing suit- don't laugh, some have arrived without one!
  2. towel
  3. shampoo/conditioner
  4. sun screen
  5. brush
  6. comb
  7. zinc for nose
  8. hat
  9. $ for ice cream drinks and or parking
  10. refillable water bottle and other drinks
  11. sand toys- make sure there's a shovel and a bucket, as well as a strainer
  12. air mattress
  13. beach blanket- one that won't trap sand
  14. lawn chairs
  15. your favourite book if you sdon't have little ones to watch
  16. frisbee
  17. blow up beach ball
  18. cutting board and knife
  19. watermelon!
  20. picnic lunch if you choose!
  21. blow up pillow for a nice nap
  22. sun umbrella so you get just the right amount of sun      Add to this or pare it down- you'll have a great day!


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