Camping comforts beyond food?

So you have some smaller kids and you're heading out for the weekend. You will pack whatever food and things you will need to prepare it and clothes for the weather anticipated.  If possible, help them pack their own backpack with the few things they will need. This next bit is about shelter and comfort. Here are a few items for you to consider:

  1. lighter and matches
  2. newspaper
  3. paper towel
  4. lawn chairs
  5. coolers - one for frozen stuff to stay frozen, one for cool stuff to stay cool
  6. ice pack and ice for drinks
  7. sleeping bags- one per
  8. blanket- someone always wiggles out of the sleeping bag- so i put a spare blanket in to throw over them instead of fighting them back into the bag once their asleep
  9. air mattress- or some form protection from the hard ground
  10. shampoo/conditioner - in case their are showers where you are going- or bowl wash and down the outhouse :)
  11. flashlight and extra batteries- or wind up charging flashlight
  12. ground sheet- sleeping warm bodies attract moisture form the ground it seems, making you doubly cold
  13. TENT!-(remember to re-waterproof from time to time) unless the plan is to sleep out under the stars- then I recommend mosquito netting!
  14. towels (can double as a pillow if it has time to dry between uses)
  15. wash cloth for faces and hands at night
  16. soda pop- its a treat
  17. chips - same - incentive for once camp is set up and fire is crackling
  18. hat 
  19. sunscreen
  20. coat- its cool at night and you never know when it could rain or even, yes- SNOW!
  21. cards and games- see rain and snow comment
  22. pillow
  23. toilet paper- you can never have too much
  24. binoculars
  25. camera
  26. map of area
  27. lots of drinking water ( I like my 5 gallon jug with the pump on top-easy to use)
  28. books for everyone to have quiet time
  29. Frisbee
  30. soccer ball
  31. large easy to find toys
  32. needle and thread in case something tears
  33. emergency bucket for the middle of the night with a tight lid
  34. hard case to store your glasses in a safe place over night. Nothing like a kid stepping on your only glasses in the night.- it makes it hard to drive home!

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