Leaving House for several days

make sure all garbage is out

plants watered, inside and out

grass mowed or shoveling of snow arranged for

animals farmed out/cared for

check washer and dryer for clothes that need to be dealt with

extra food in the freezer

windows closed, locked and curtains/blinds closed

things unplugged, shut off and lights turned off

one light set up on timer

floor swept

dishes washed and put away; dishwasher empty

throw away food that won't freeze and won't last

cat box changed & water bowl cleaned out

run through the house with a quick clutter check- also ensure someone's suitcase or clothes didn't get left behind!

have a neighbour check in at least twice a day as water can fill a basement without a drain in less than 24 hours

set alarm if you have one.

Be sure to close door tight- check before you drive away! I hate the feeling several miles away- did the door really get shut by the last one out?


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