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Rainy Day Wondering and Wandering | Lists by Lois

Rainy Day Wondering and Wandering

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Rainy days
They give us time to pause
To consider
To plan
To breathe

Then to move to action

If we don't have to go to work, we can pause a moment in bed to consider
What are we doing?
Why are we doing it?
Is it part of our plan or are we just going through some motions, or "shoulds" that we've burdened ourselves with.
Who does this matter to? What part does it play in our plan? Is it the best approach, or would something else work better?

Have we decided what we want, even long term, or are we just blowing in the winds of life? It's chilly. I need a blanket...
What life DO we want? Have we talked about it? Have we talked enough about it? Is it time to revisit it?

There is a time and a place for going with the flow, no doubt. Life is full of shoulds that are always given to us. We must cope with those. But in the busy work, are we losing connection to what really matters?

This is where a list can help. Write what matters, and the steps, baby steps you are prepared to make to move in the direction of your big picture, your dream, your hope.
Sometimes, even little things we want to change may require many other little things to fall in place, no to be put in place , by US. Other things can go next to our priorities. Often, they can be postponed indefinitely if we really look at them.

I had all these great ideas to make our life better, I thought, as we moved into a new house a few years back. I kept going to my husband with all these great ideas. He told me to put them into a large jar on the stairway. I thought, o good. He will see them all the time and he will do them in his own time. Not. Three years later as we left the house, I dumped out all the papers in the garbage. What was needed to be done had been done. What had not been necessary was chaff. We all create a lot of chafe that takes our time, energy and money when we are not focused on what really matters.

Moving in the direction of our long term plan or any goal may be a bigger mess to start. Your heart may be heavy as other things that you thought mattered are ripped apart once you see that it is just a diversion for a time, to build knowledge or connections, towards what is the real dream, the real path.

Never be afraid to look up and ask for help. Others do care.

Listen, listen, listen to your hearts. Everything might be FINE, but what about GREAT? O there is a lot of uphill to great. A lot of tearing (part) and tearing (of the eyes)- unless you're already there! Then, hooray for you! You've done it! Celebrate it! Dance! And be patient with those of us still trying to figure it out. Everyone is in their own place, getting there at their own pace.

And a time may come when you need to or want to make a change and you'll be ready to go again.

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