Attending an open air concert venue

We were able to attend a concert at The Gorge Amphitheater in the state of Washington. What an amazing venue! It overlooks the Columbia River and has winds from the foothills that blow across the site. It is breathtaking!

But what did we need to bring along?
You are allowed to bring:
1 sealed 20 oz bottle of water
1 gallon plastic bag size of snacks
They want you to buy food and drink there
We also brought:
Statium cushions
Low concert chairs- like beach chairs
2 blankets for the ground
Rain coats
Warm jacket
Ear plugs
Cooler full of parking lot lunch
$ for shuttle or special parking $50
Flashlight to find your way like an usher after the concert stsrts
Sleeping bag for warmth as it was fall and windy

Believe it or not. On this Sunny but windy fall day, we used all of this and could have used more Blankets! During the afternoon the sun was hot so some of us were in shorts and hats with sun screen. As the sun went down the wind pick up, carrying lots of humidity so we felt really cold. The rain started just as the concert ended so flashlights rain jackets and umbrellas came in handy as we made our way back out to our vehicle. As we weren't camping on site and there was a group of us, best money we spent was on Plaza parking. Near the venue, we arrived about 4 hours before the concert and had a tailgate party 'picnic' while waiting for the gates to open, visiting with other concert goers. A great experience! Have fun! Check the website thoroughly for details for each event.

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