Paris, France the lighter side from a dear friend

1. Get fresh croissants every morning for breakfast from the local bakery
2. Start every conversation with ‘Bonjour’
3. Enjoy French chocolates at least every other day
4. Just because the light says for you to walk, doesn’t mean you have the right of way.
5. Cars are way more important than you when you’re crossing the street
6. Second hand smoke is everywhere – you can’t avoid it
7. Try to speak French – but most everyone is happy to speak English
8. Keep your wallet in your front pocket
9. If you think you’re on the right train going the wrong way, have a worried look on your face. Someone will help you
10. Enjoy the local flavour of available food where you’re staying
11. London Drugs does not exist in Paris – get what you need before 6pm
12. Chocolate seems to be a staple in most French cereals
13. Don’t try and take a picture of a guy in full camo gear carrying a machine gun
14. If upper management says something on Thursday … you are supposed to remember what she said seven days later
15. If you see a piano in a train station or an airport … sit down and play it
16. You can’t afford a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte in Paris
17. A rainy day in Paris is still a great day
By Jay Schappert October 2015

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