The day you invite company over

Why is it that the day you invite company over is the day you find a million small jobs you meant to do?
You wipe the kitchen counter and encouter the shack of paper you've "bin guna" deal with for quite some time. You hear the time management professor in your ear whisper touch each piece of paper only once, and wonder how all this paper made it to your house, nevermind your counter, uninvited. There's a card for a comedy show I thought we MIGHT want to attend. Information I MIGHT want to look through from an organization we belong to, make that 2 small stacks from 2 organizations. A flyer that MIGHT have something useful in it... And on it goes. The game I was making but ran out of sticks, bought more sticks but never finished the game. A random screw, a zipper pull I might need one day, amongst a miriad of items that just didn't quite get put away, either because they have no fixed address yet or something distracted me along the way.

I take a deep breaths, grab an armload and wander thru the house like a foraging bumble bee searching for the sweet nectar of a home for stuff and sweet freedom from the burden of my random possessions that take time and energy to look after.

In my mind is a battle: No it must be useful to someone. I can't possibly throw it away. What if I need it?

Ok now I'm sounding like a hoarder.
Release it. Send it on its way to provide enjoyment to others. Another will be available for me when, if I need it. I feel lighter already. Donated and dropped off.

Now, what to do with things we decide are too valuable to just give away? We won't part with these, no sir. Another box or two, waiting patiently to be dealt with during the next panic I guess.

Meanwhile, keep that donate bag handy. I keep finding things someone else might enjoy!

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