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50 things that matter... | Lists by Lois

50 things that matter...

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This too was an early email that I received that seemed so worthwhile that I have saved it for very many years. Again, I have no record of the author but hats off to them for taking the time to put this together. It is worth the read regularly to remind us what really matters.

1. Listening enough to care and caring enough to listen.

2. Being a dreamer but not living in a dream world.

3. Saying "It doesn't matter" and meaning it.

4. Being a positive influence in any way possible, to as many as possible, for as long as I possibly can.

5. Balancing justice with mercy and fairness with commonsense.

6. Being patient and patiently enduring.

7. Earning credibility instead of demanding compliance.

8. Valuing the wisdom of discernment, the danger of pleasure without restraint, and the joy of victory with integrity.

9. Being worthy of trust and trusting what's worthwhile.

10. Enjoying all things small and beautiful.

11. Words that heal.

12. Words that help.

13. And words that encourage.

14. Forgiving myself for what I've done and others for what they haven't.

15. Gaining what I desire without losing what I should gain.

16. Maintaining the passion of purpose while avoiding thepitfalls of making hasty decisions with little or no discernment.

17. Watching "You've Got Mail" one more time.

18. Enjoying life for all it holds instead of holding outfor all it has yet to become.

19. Giving praise without demands and encouragement without expectations.

20. Hugs.

21. Healing wounds.

22. And helping people realize their dreams.

23. Knowing when I can, can't and shouldn't.

24. Laughter for the sake of laughter!

25. Leading while not forgetting how to follow.

26. Honoring the honorable and avoiding the painful errorsof the disgraceful.

27. Knowing the power of commitment, the rewards of self-discipline and the meaning of faith in myself, God and others.

28. Smiles -- lots of them.

29. Learning as much as I can for as long as I can.

30. Standing for what's right when everything's wrong, and saying "I'm wrong" when something's not right.

31. Letting the music play.

32. Knowing I can and seeking help when I can't.

33. Just doing nothing at just the right time.

34. Filling my mind with all that is excellent, truthful, full of hope, and worthy of thinking about again.

35. Kisses that say "I love you" more than "I need you."

36. Treasuring ideas for their untapped potential.

37. Caring.

38. Giving.

39. And having fun.

40. Refusing to believe lies about myself or othersregardless of the source -- including what I hear fromwithin.

41. Trusting enough to see good in people without blindly trusting in the goodness of all people.

42. Success without self-absorption.

43. Showing I know the difference between keeping the rules and listening with understanding.

44. Winning with dignity.

45. Losing with grace.

46. And learning from both.

47. Believing in all my possibilities -- and yours too!

48. Appreciating the wisdom of maturity and the beauty ofchildhood.

49. Avoiding the bondage of bitterness, the deceit of wealthwithout character, and the vanity of pride without gratefulness.

50. Loving for all I'm worth because in the end it's worthit all.

Wishing for a day for you filled with beautiful moments in timePsychology Articles,

Author Unknown

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