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What to pack where | Lists by Lois

What to pack where

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With luggage requirements getting tighter it's good to think about what you may want ensure you carry on an airplane with you and what you want safely stowed under the plane. Depending on the length of flight and time of day your needs will vary, but here are some of my suggestions.

Carry on/backpack/personal item
(Make sure anything you want to reach during the flight is in your personal item. You don't want to be THAT passenger always reaching into the overhead bin throughout the flight to get one more thing)
-heavier jacket over your arm, tuck in overhead compartment over top of your larger carry on. Save weight in your luggage. Double check YOUR airline carry on requirements and sizing, they can vary by airline.
-Boarding pass
-address of where you are staying when you arrive at your destination
-Medicine with prescription listing from pharmacy
-Vaccination history (make sure you have what you need by checking with a travel pharmacist at least 2 months if you are going somewhere new)
-Jewellery with photo record taken at home and stored on cloud/cellphone
-Empty reusable water bottle, fill after you are through security
-Anti nausea medication
-Hand sanitizer. Use it once you are seated at your boarding gate as the airport is full of people from everywhere
-You might consider one of those medical masks if you travel during flu and cough season. It might seem odd but it helps
-Kleenex tissues
-Large microfibre cloth, it's come in handy so many times for cleaning glasses and catching spills if the airplane lurches or you knock over your coffee, or drying off after being out in the rain, or wiping a sweaty brow, or hiding from a seatmate who insists on coughing all over you
-A complete change of clothes in case your luggage is delayed
-Bath suit ( if you can use one where you are going, the last thing you want to do if your luggage is lost or delayed is go bathing suit shopping): go for a swim while waiting for your luggage
-A sarong/pashmina/large scarf. Use it as blanket on plane, cover up for swimming, dress with a belt, housecoat if needed, grocery and baby carrier, and of course, as a shawl or scarf. Check YouTube videos for ways to tie it
-Eye covering, you know, those sleep mask things. People open and close the window blinds on the plane, the lights and screens around you turn off and on. You need this
-Noise cancelling headphones, trust me, they are worth it. Or ear plugs, but not as good
-Electric cords for your devices, and power ends and units
- tablet, cellphone, e-reader or laptop, all set to airplane mode and wifi off until instructed they can be turned on after take off,( leave them in airplane mode)
-camera with lithium batteries must be in your carry on
-Toothbrush and tiny paste for long flights
-Brush and hair elastic: if you have long hair it seems to fly everywhere on the plane with static
-other Personal hygiene products for long flights
-wear comfortable shoes as your feet expand, also consider compression stocking, and possibly switching to slippers while in the air so it's easier to sleep but your not barefoot if you need to get up suddenly
-Snacks. Depending on the flight and airline. Some feed you very well, others you are lucky to get water and pretzels. Check your airport and airline and security policies
- anything else you can't survive without if your luggage doesn't show up for several days, favourite blankie.
I pack what I must have in a bag that will fit under the seat in front of me and it acts as a foot stool for me as I am short and need to raise my feet. I sleep better stretched out this way too.

Or, you can travel lighter, passport, boarding pass, cellphone and noise cancelling headphones, meds and hope it all turns out ok. Borrow a pen from the person next to you, leave your coat at home, hunt for stuff once you're there if you need it. It's up to you, just have a good flight!

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