My Cat Relieved Himself on My Clothing! Help!

Our grandkitty Charlie relieved himself on four loads of our daughter's laundry. She received many tips on how to remove the urine odor. Here's what worked:

1) Put clothing into a big tub without water. Saturate clothing with "Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer". You'll use about a half gallon -- maybe more -- per washer-load. Let sit and saturate for several days. (A week would probably be best). Note: The smell might get worse, but that's normal.
2) After soaking in Nature's Miracle, throw clothing into washing machine. Add appropriate level of water for the size of the load. Don't add detergent! Complete the wash cycle. Leave clothes in machine. (Don't dry).
3) Next, fill washer again with water and a QUART of regular vinegar. Agitate clothing for a few minutes, and let soak overnight. Next, complete the wash cycle, without adding detergent. Leave clothes in machine. (Don't dry.)
4) Repeat Step 3, except let soak for about 4 hours. Complete the wash cycle, without adding detergent. Leave clothes in machine. (Don't dry).
5) Wash clothes as you normally would, with your regular detergent. Don't use fabric softeners or scented additives. If you do, you might not be able to tell if the urine odor is actually truly gone.
6) Dry. Hopefully the urine odor is gone! If not, I'm sorry.
7) Hug your cat, regardless.

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