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Cruise List | Lists by Lois

Cruise List

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The temptation when you go on a cruise is to bring everything. You want your fancy dresses and shoes and Jewelry and favourite sunglasses... but it becomes too much to handle as you make your way through the cruise terminal to drop off your bags, unless you bring your own assistant, but that's a whole other subject.

First, you want a suitcase of reasonable size, a carry on and a shoulder bag. The suitcases both need to lock on each compartment.

Next, you want an easy to access way to carry your passport- around your neck with a pen, under your arm, or around your waist- fast easy access, both for getting on the ship and for on and off at each port. Nothing worse than digging through your large travel purse to find your passport.

Another thing you will want is a money belt that fits comfortably under your clothing for ladies, or an actual belt for men. You're not really fooling anyone but out of sight is less tempting, and safer for you. Always carry some cash here, and a certified photocopy of your passport in here. For a cloth waist money belt in a warm climate, keep everything in a zippered plastic bag as well, or you will have soggy cash and photocopy without this.

You will be given a card to your room onboard that you will use for everything. Wearing a bikini, or a dress, or your golf shorts, you will need to have this card. It is also used for getting on and off the ship, so you will want to know where this card is at all times. I have a convention type clip that the card slips into or onto, and then slips around my neck so I have it with me all the time. Getting off the ship at a port I have it in my passport holder around my neck- easy easy, I know where it is. My husband always has it in his wallet, and always has his wallet- always. So find a system that works for you so you're not that person going for their 7th room card on day 3

Bring your own favourite water bottle. Stay hydrated. Fill only in the food areas. Avoid paying for bottled water if you're trying to minimize your expenses

Bring nail polish. It's great to have beautiful toes and stops you wanting to spend $$ on a pedicure. And if you've painted your toes before you go, if you are like me, you will need a touch up along the way, so bring tossable nIl polish remover, or those cute one removeal packages they have

Bring an e-reader, or a book with a variety of stories, unless you're reading some giant novel. It's nice to sit and watch people all day, but more discreet with a book

Bring sunglasses and a sturdy case. This, your book, and sunscreen should all slip nicely into your shoulder bag you used as your personal item to get to the cruise. Wait, leave your sunscreen in your checked luggage unless it's under 100 ml!

Bring extra glasses or contacts so you can still see in case of disaster (if you need these to function)

Bring your favourite 3 pros of shorts or capris, your 3 favourite t-shirts that you can also dress up for evening wearing

Bring 2 mix and match more formal or dressy outfits
Bring 2 co-ordinating pashminas as options for blanket while flying, beach cover up and shawl for evening wear. Can also double as skirt, shirt, dress, head wrap, sling, and carrying bag

Bring hair products for moist air

Remember to keep up your water and fiber.

Pack minimal co-ordinating jewelry

Pack a flat sink plug and mini laundry soap flakes to rinse out your dainties as perspiration happens, and liquid detergent spills.

Pack a hat, 2 bathing suits, cover up. You can wrap a pashmina under your cover up for another dresser look.

Bring comfortable shoes for onshore exploring, sandals for onboard and heading to the pool and dancing shoes for, dancing!

Bring a cloth belt that goes with what you're wearing and your pashminas

Bring extra bag to take home fun things you might decide to buy

Consider purchasing the drink package that suits you best, if you plan to drink as this adds up very fast!
Also consider the spa package offered only the first day of the cruise. Great spot for a bit of quiet time and on some ships there are some spectacular views from this area.

Do not bring a towel. There are towels everywhere, and hand towels and wash clothes too.

Make sure you're vaccinations are up to date, and include what is needed for the areas you're going to!

And bring your phone, in airplane mode, to record good moments. There is some free wifi when you travel but be sure your data is off, and your apps are minimal and won't automatically turn on your data.

Have fun!

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