Spring Garden

prepare a drawing of your current garden, as you recall it or do the fall before :)

dream as the seed catalogues show up through the winter

think about what annuals you would like to add and placement

is it time to split up any of your perennials? do you want to put them somewhere else in your garden or is there someone you can exchange perennials with?

sharpen garden tools

clean out pots

pick up potting soil and fertilizer

have you thought about a composter and learning how to use it to make composting work for you?

oil change on lawn mower and grass trimmer if required

do you have line for the trimmer?

contemplate annual pot/planter placement

any changes you would like to make to the yard? Cost and process for each- break down into small achievable steps that won't make too big a mess at once and so that you won't feel overwhelmed; check with your municipality regarding any special guidelines or permits
-cement block patio
-poured patio
-extend the deck
-raised beds
-water feature
-seating area

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